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Top Job in Vienna
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One of the most beautiful cities in Europe. High quality of life, beautiful and peaceful.
At the heart of this city is our club, surrounded by spectacular and magnificent buildings.

Are you cheerful, elegant and stylish? Do you feel like a celebrity and are 19 to 30 years old? Then we are looking for you!

We will introduce you to people from the show business, from the financial and economic world. Welcome guests from Paris, New York, Sydney and Tokyo and become part of an unforgettable adventure.
Here are 2000-5000 per week no exceptions but reality.

Legal residence and work, professional photo session, internet access, this is just a part of what we can offer you and safety is most important for us.

We are not a sauna or bar club, so our guests do not come from the streets, they need to register prior to the visit!

Do you feel addressed? Please send us a recent photo and your telephone number by e-mail. info@highclassmodels.at


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